Sin would have fewer partakers if the consequences occurred immediately.


Washburn First Baptist has faithfully served our savior in this community during the span of three different centuries from our founding in 1883 to date. Having grown up in this church as a boy in the 20th century and serving as Pastor during the 21st century I am very aware of the connection we have to the past and the vision we share for the future.
I am ever amazed at how God builds His Church. The skills, talents, various abilities, and willingness to serve of those within our midst demonstrate how the "God of the Universe" has a plan for our Church. The question to be answered is "How do we fulfill God's plan for our Church?" I believe the answer is;

Share God's Love with those who do not know Him
Study to show ourselves approved
Search out ways we can be used by God
Show our faith by how we treat each other
Seek to bring honor and praise to God

                                              Sunday School         9:45 AM
                                              Worship Service   11:00 AM
                                              Sunday and Wednesday Night Services    6:30 PM
                                              Phone:    417 826-5000
                                              Pastor Jim Erwin: 417 342-2806

Activity Center

Outdoor Shelter